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FY 2010-2011

O110-09/10  Ordinance Relative to Appropriate Dress for Persons in Certain Public Places, Public Exposure in CertainAttire Prohibited
O103-10/11 Ordinance Amending Section 4-49(a) of Ordinance No. 80-16 Relating to Alcoholic Beverages Retailers or Wholesalers of Liquor or Wine Annual and Monthly Taxes
O104-10/11 Ordinance Amending Section 29(c) of Ordinance No. 0113-09/10 Amending Section 29 of Ordinance No. 102-04/05 otherwise known as the "City Council's Rules and Procedures"
O105-10/11 An Ordinance Amending Section 5(4) of Ordinance No. 66-25 Known as the "Parade Ordinance"
O108-10/11 An Ordinance Amending Section 4-59 of Ordinance No. 139 Regulating Alcoholic Beverages Near Churches or Schools
O109-10/11 An Ordinance Conveying Property to the Selma City Board of Education
O112-10/11 An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 0118-06/07 Governing Health and Sanitation Nuisances, Cutting of Weeds and Removal of Accumulation Required Abatement of Nuisance








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