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Riverfront Park Plan

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In 2008, the City of Selma hired Gresham, Smith and Partners to complete a Masterplan Study for a proposed Historic Riverfront Park. The park will be located on an approximately 12 acre area between the Alabama River and businesses on Water Avenue.

Gresham, Smith and Partners worked closely with city officials and a committee of local citizens and business owners as part of a process to analyze the proposed site, develop a program, and create a masterplan that fits the needs of the citizens of Selma and businesses located adjacent to the proposed park and in Downtown Selma.

The results of the collaboration created the Masterplan which will act as a guide for how the proposed park can be developed and provide a park that will be a cherished feature of the City of Selma for generations to come.

Project Features

The site for the Riverfront Park is a triangular shape with the thinnest point to the west near the Edmund Pettus Bridge and widening out as the property moves west toward Martin Luther King Street. 

The following list of elements was developed during the masterplan process. The list is intended to be the start of discussions for what will be desired to be located within the park both in the short term and upon completion of the site. The list is not definitive and items can be added or removed as the needs of the city and its citizens change.

Proposed Element/Feature

Cost Estimate

Playground $508,000
Interactive Water Feature


Amphitheater $579,000
River Walk $447,000
Vending/Concessions Varies
Aquarium $724,000
Pavilion $181,000
Police Precinct $567,000
'Historic Selma' Carousel $1,065,000
Restroom Varies
Market Varies
Boat Dock $655,000
History Feature(s) Varies
Parking $127,000
Dog Park $77,000
Butterfly Garden Varies
'Green' Features Varies
Wayfinding Varies
Site Amenities Varies
Service Varies
Donor Features Varies

Phase I (River Walk)

The first phase of the project is scheduled to begin construction in Summer 2009. This initial phase consists of approximately 2300 linear feet of 10' wide concrete path, a 50' timber bridge, and two overlooks adjacent to the Alabama River. 

The estimated cost of the first phase is $340,000. The project is funded by a Transportation Enhancement Grant through ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) that provides 80% of the project funding with the remainder being paid for by the City of Selma.

Construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2009.


The City of Selma welcomes your input. To view a copy of the Masterplan or for further information, please direct any inquiries, comments, suggestions or criticism to Charlotte Griffeth, Director of of the Department of Planning  and Development by email or phone, (334) 874-2111/2117.


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