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FY 2006-2007

February 25, 2007

R154-06/07  Authorization to Erect Temporary Structure During Construction of Permanent Bank Building

April 30, 2007

R156-06/07 Contract for Purchase of Vehicles for Fire Department
R160-06/07 Authorization to Apply for Governor's Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Grant Requiring Matching Funds
R169-06/07 Authorization to Apply for Homeland Security Grant Requiring Matching Funds
R173-06/07 Agreement with ALDOT for Installation of Gates, Bells, Signals, and Other Safety Precautions at RR Crossing
R175-06/07 Contract for Purchase of Truck for Building Inspector's Office
R182-06/07 Contract for the Purchase of Truck for Public Works Department

May 14, 2007

R192-06/07 Transfer of Funds from State Excise Gas Account to Street Signs Account
R193-06/07 Appointment of Special Prosecutor 

May 29, 2007

R194-06/07 Hiring of Consultant to Prepare Youthbuild Grant
R195-06/07 Appropriation of Funds to Resurface Streets in East Selma Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drainage Project Area

June 11, 2007

R196-06/07 Contract for Demolition of Condemned Houses
R198-06/07 Termination of Lease Agreement with St. James Investors Group
R199-06/07 Transfer of Funds from General Fund Unappropriated Balance to Cemetery Department's Building and Structure Repairs Line Item
R200-06/07 Authorization to Apply for Housing Preservation Grant Requiring Matching Funds
R201-06/07 Creation of Affordable Housing Task Force
R202-06/07 Establishment of Environmental Court and Prosecution for Delinquent Garbage Fees

June 25, 2007

R203-06/07 Donation of Funds from Alabama Trust Find Accounts for Marina Project 
R224-06/07 Transfer from Lodging Tax Fund to St. James Project Fund
R225-06/07 Creation of Line Items and Transfer of Funds for St. James Refurbishing Project

July 23, 2007

R227-06/07 Authorization to Apply for a Recreation Trails Grant Requiring Matching Funds to Resurface Track at Memorial Stadium 
R228-06/07 Authorization to Apply for a Planning Grant Requiring Matching Funds to Continue Developing the Comprehensive Plan
R229-06/07 Authorization to Apply for a Community Development Grant Requiring Matching Funds for Clean-up Efforts on Water Avenue
R233-06/07 Transfer of Funds from Police Department Unused Salaries to Communications Maintenance and Repairs
August 13, 2007
R234-06/07 Transfer of Funds from Personnel Department's Salaries Line Item to Fire Department' Firefighters Training Line Item
R236-06/07 Hiring Consultant to Complete Weed and Seed Site Application
R237-06/07 Hiring Architectural Consultant for the St. James Hotel Lease Transition
R238-06/07 Transfer of Funds to General Government s Professional Service Line Item for Expenses of a National Search for a Police Chief
R239-06/07 Collocation of City of Selma Police and Fire Emergency Communications on the Dallas County Communications Tower
August 27, 2007
R241-06/07 Transfer of Funds from Public Works Department's Salaries Line to Public Works Department Line for Vehicle Repairs and to Balance Accounts
R244-06/07 Contract Awarded to Cougar Oil for Diesel and Fuel
R245-06/07 Contract Award to Terminix for Pest Control Services
R247-06/07 Lease Agreement with Regions Equipment Finance Corporation for Three Litter Vacs
September 10, 2007
R248-06/07 Granting Possession of Service Badge and Weapon to Retired Police Officer Mamie Haile
R249-06/07 Granting Possession of Service Badge and Weapon to Retired Police Officer Clinto Peeples
R250-06/07 Contract Award to Ray Davis & Company for Police Department Multifunction Digital Copier
R251-06/07 Contract Award to McCain Uniform Company for Police Department Uniforms
R252-06/07 Contract Award to McCain Uniform Company for Fire Department Uniforms
R253-06/07 Contract Award to G & K Services for Building Inspector's Office Uniforms
R254-06/07 Contract Award to G & K Services for Public Works Department Uniforms
R255-06/07 Contract Award to G & K Services for Public Buildings Department Uniforms
R256-06/07 Contract Award to G & K Services for Cemetery Department Uniforms
R257-06/07 Contract Award to G & K Services for Recreation Department Uniforms
R258-06/07 Lease Agreement with Ford Motor Credit Company for Eight Police Vehicles
R259-06/07 Designation of 2529 Griffin Avenue as a Dangerous Building and Notification of Owners 
September 24, 2007
R240-06/07 Resolution Supporting the Plans of the Alabama Scenic River Trail Association
R261-06/07 Award of Contract to Thomas Construction Company for the Cleanup of Debris at Phoenix Building Site
R262-06/07 Award of Contract to Goodwin, Mills and Cawood for Engineering Services for the Water Avenue Streetscape Utility Project
October 22, 2007









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