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FY 2007-2008

R111-07/08 Resolution Expressing the Intent to Issue Bonds Pursuant to Voter Approval
R118-07/08 Appointment of Disinterested Person for Municipal Bond Election
R137-07/08 Payment to the Retirement System of Alabama on Behalf of Employee
R138-07/08 Special Use Permit for Use of Wireless Telecommunications Facility
R141-07/08 Contract for the Purchase of Softball Uniforms
R142-07/08 Contract for the Purchase of Softball Equipment
R143-07/08 Contract for the Purchase of Baseball Equipment
R144-07/08 Contract for the Purchase of Baseball Uniforms
R146-07/08 Transfer of Funds to Facilitate Interviewing for a New Police Chief
R147-07/08 Contract for Engineering Services on CDBG Grant
R148-07/08 Contract for CDBG Grant Program Administrator 
R149-07/08 Restriping Streets and Crosswalks
R150-07/08 Application to Delta Regional Authority to Provide Health Services at Good Samaritan Hospital
R151-07/08 Walking Tour Signs on MLK, Jr. St. and other Sites
R152-07/08 Hiring Police Department Consultant
R167-07/08 Contract for the Repair of the St. James Hotel Roof
R168-07/08 Concession Stand Contract for the Softball/Baseball Complex
R174-07/08 Results of the Special Election Held on February 26, 2008 to Issue Bonds for Municipal Improvements
R176-07/08 Hiring Police Department Consultant
R177-07/08 Law Enforcement/Traffic Safety Grant
R179-07/08 Fire Grant for Training and Equipment
R217-07/08 Lease Agreement for Landfill Compactor
R218-07/08 Contract for Water Avenue Demolition
R220-07/08 Compensation for Special Elections Manager
R226-07/08 Contract for Purchase of Police Department SUV
R227-07/08 Certification of Results for August 26, 2008 General Election
R228-07/08 Precinct Location Change for Run-off Election
R229-07/08 Change of Depository from Bank Trust to Regions Bank 
R230-07/08 Change of Depository from Wachovia to Regions Bank
R232-07/08 Contribution to Dallas County Arts Alliance from Special Tourism Fund
R233-07/08 Authorization to Apply for Grant Requiring Matching Funds to Construct Boat Dock 
R234-07/08 Selma Water Works and Sewer Board Directors' Fees
R235-07/08 Authorization for Matching Funds to Replace Gas Pump at Marina









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