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Boards and Commissions

The following is the listing of the seven City of Selma boards and commissions:

Board of Adjustment for Code Appeals - click here

Downtown Redevelopment Authority - click here

Historic Development Commission - click here

Personnel Board - click here

Planning Commission - click here

Tourism Advisory Board - click here

Tree Commission - click here

The Mayor and/or the City Council also make appointments to the following non-municipal boards:

Cahaba Board for Mental Health and Mental Retardation - website
Compensation: None

Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority - website
Compensation: Paid

Industrial Development Board
Compensation: None

Selma and Dallas County Board of Equalization

Selma-Dallas County Library Board - website
Compensation: None

Selma Housing Authority
Compensation: None

Selma Water Works and Sewer Board
Compensation: Paid


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