Boards & Commissions

Board Members


Mr. Curtis Wimberly
Mrs. Carolyn Bates
Mr. Jonathan E. Chappelle
Ms. Sabrina Seay
Dr. Donald G. Jefferson

Selma Planning Board

Mr. Johnny Moss
Ms. Cindy Owens
Mr. Thomas Joseph Pilcher
Ms. JoAnn Smith
Ms. Susan Youngblood
Mr. Zeb Lee

Redevelopment Authority

Ms. Martha Lockett
Mrs. Juanda Maxwell

Water Works and Sewer

Mr. Roderick West
Mr. Robert Allen
Mr. James Ware
Mr. George Evans
Ms. Christie Thomas

Selma Housing Authority

Ms. Betty Finney
Mr. Sean VanDiver, Sr.
Mr. John Grayson
Mr. Lawrence Wofford
Mr. Effell Williams, Sr.

Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority

Dr. James Mitchell
Judge John W. Jones
Mr. Roy Moore
Senator Hank Sanders
Mr. Amos Moore

Board of Adjustment

Mrs. Mamie Soloman
Mr. Larry Jones

Civilian Review

Mr. Ira Wagner
Mr. Roderick West
Mr. Stephen Brooks
Mr. Jermain Johnson
Ms. Mariana Deramus
Ms. Monica Collins
Ms. Debra Howard
Ms. Jannie Venter
Mr. David Evans
Mr. Corey Bowie

Historic Development Commission

Ms. Loretta Wimberly
Mr. Allen Reeves
Ms. Linda Derry
Mr. William Powell
Mr. Clarence Walker, Sr.
Ms. Cindy Burton
Ms. Abina Billups
Mr. Devon Gray

Industrial Development

Mr. Catesby Jones
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Rutledge
Mr. Edward S. McCurdy, Jr.
Mr. Ed Livingston
Mr. David McCormack
Mr. Alphonse E. Perry

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Severe Weather Alert!


Due to the threat of severe weather, all non-essential city services will be closed on Friday, March 18, 2022.  The City will continue to monitor the situation and depending on the severity of the event may make further changes to hours of operation. 

The Selma Police & Fire Departments will be on regular duty and Public Works will be on call working diligently to address issues as they occur, along with reporting issues to the Alabama Department of Transportation and local utility companies.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed and take proper precautions.  Please stay off roadways as conditions, power lines, and/or trees may be impacted.

Sever Weather