Invitation to Bid

The City of Selma, Alabama will receive bids at the Office of the Purchasing Agent until the published time and date and then opened as soon thereafter as practicable.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids or any portion thereof.  A copy of “General Instructions to Bidders” are on all Bid Invitations.

INVITATION TO BID – City of Selma: Concession Stand - 2022

Scope of Work

Concession Operator Responsibilities: 

• Concession stand will open and remain open during all games to include make-ups, rescheduled games, and tournament games.

• Maintain a healthy, clean, and safe working environment.

• Offer affordable/common-sense prices.

• Maintain normal, non-abusive use of City/County provided equipment.

• Purchase concession supplies.


INVITATION TO BID – City of Selma: Request for Proposals for Grant Writing Service

Scope of Work

The City of Selma operates under the 2009 Comprehensive Community Master Plan, but is currently undergoing the Selma 2030 Comprehensive Planning process which focuses on Downtown Revitalization, Economic Development, Housing & Neighborhoods, Parks, Recreation, and Community, Public Safety & Health, Education, and the infrastructure goals of each sector.

The Grant Writer will work closely with the Office of Planning Development, who is charged with implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.

The following are typical services and/or items that the successful consultant will be required to provide the City if it is awarded the contract and should be addressed in each proposal. 

INVITATION TO BID – City of Selma: City Hall Repairs

Scope of Work

  • Light Fixtures: Replace, as needed.
  • Ceiling: Replace all broken, soiled, or damaged ceiling tiles throughout the building.
  • Painting: Painting throughout the entire building, all walls (no floors):

– 1st Floor offices, Hallways, Restrooms, Stairwells 

– 2nd Floor All Areas, Ceiling of Council Chamber, Offices, Hallways, Restrooms, and Stairwells.