City Attorney

Mission Statement

The Legal Department facilitates and manages the legal affairs of the governmental body and departmental operations of the City of Selma. The department currently consists of the Office of City Attorney. The primary responsibility of the City Attorney is to serve as legal counsel to the Mayor, the Selma City Council, City of Selma Officials. and City of Selma departments. This Legal Department provides opinions on points of law, interpretation, and applicability of Federal, State and Local laws, statutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions.

Services provided by this office includes:

  • Legal advice to elected and non-elected City of Selma officials.
  • Drafting Ordinances, Resolutions, Policies, and other documents.
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, review, and execution.
  • Monitoring City of Selma policies and procedures for compliance with state and federal law.
  • Composition of legal binding agreements.
  • Reviewing and assessing all departmental contractual relationships.
  • Closing proceedings, etc. in real estate transactions.
  • Representing the interest of the City of Selma through many of its Boards/Commissions, such as the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustment, Personnel Board, among others.

Major E. Madison, Jr.

City Attorney



City Attorney
222 Broad Street
Selma, AL 36701



8:30 am to 4:30 pm


(334) 876-1241