Selma Fire & Rescue

City of Selma

To: Ivlayor James Perkins City of Selma Council members

From: Franklin Edwards, Fire Chief

Date: June 28th, 2022


I am requesting that the following funds be transferred from the line item account 1.6500.51044 Communications and Repairs to line item accounts 1.6500.51029 Travel, training and line item account 1.6500.51037 Vehicle RepaiJ:s and Maintenance. The amount to be transferred is $20,000 to the Travel and Training account and $25,000 to the Vehicle Repair and Maintenance account. 

The $20,000 is needed in the Travel and Training due to recruitment and the cost of sending individuals to school. The account is overdrawn by $9,354.18 from the budgeted amount of$ I 0,000 at this moment, with several more recruits scheduled to attend Fire Co1lege. This overage of spending was done prior to me assuming command of the fire department. 

The $25.,000 is needed in the Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance account because of the expenses of Engine 3 getting a new motor and almost exhausting the remaining funds in that accow1t. Additional monies are needed to continue repairing and maintaining the other vehicles of the fire department. The remaining balance in this account is $1208.77 as of June 28, 2022. 

This will leave $21,065 in the Communication and Repairs account. If approved the Travel and Training would have a balance of $10;645.82. The Vehicle and Repairs account would have a balance of $26,208.77. 

Franklin Edwards
Interim Fire Chief