To: Selma City Council 

From: James Perkins, Jr., Mayor, City of Selma

Date: June 22, 2022

Re:  Updates to Communications Protocol Between City Council and Administration

The revised communications process between the city council and administration seems to be working. As with implementing most new processes, there are opportunities to make improvements. Specifically, there are two (2) areas where I believe minor modifications will improve communications even further. They are: 1) Mayor’s Report Update Step and 2) Mayor’s Report Special Guest Attendance.

Mayor’s Rep01t Update Step: The administrative process is never static. Each hour, something changes. Therefore, after the mayor’s report is submitted on the Tuesday before the Work Session, there will be instances when the report may need to be updated. That was the case with the Fire Department report during the last meeting. It was submitted on the night of the Work Session, and even though the city council was expecting it, I suspect because it was not in the original report, the city council decided to not consider that report during the Tuesday city council meeting. I suggest that we consider situations such as mentioned on a case-by-case basis. Further, I suggest that the city council take up the mayor’s report during the Work Session and forward questions and/comments to me so that we, departrnent(s) and mayor, can reply to the council prior to the Tuesday’s meeting. If the city council opts to accept my recommendations on this, it will most certainly increase response time and improve communications.

Mayor’s Report Special Guest Attendance: There are instances when we will have special projects that require outside entities or individuals to present at the work session and/or council meeting. In those instances, either department heads or I will accompany them to present during the Mayor’s Report section of the meeting. These instances should be rare but sometimes necessary.

Council President Young, I hope my efforts to improve council/administration communications are received in the spirit in which shared and that you look favorably upon them.
In advance, thank you. 

Thank you.


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