Inert Landfill

Environmental Regulations

Materials accepted at Inert Landfill

  • Inert landfill will accept asbestos material per fee as long as it conforms to the rules and regulations set forth by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the City of Selma, Alabama.

Materials unaccepted at Inert Landfill

  • Inert landfill will not accept household, nor commercial garbage, liquid waste or hazardous toxic waste. This also includes oils, paints, insecticides, batteries, etc.

  • The City reserves the right not to accept, at any time, materials that are hazardous in nature, tires, dead animals, and food/food containers.

  • All vehicles with their loads received by inert landfill must be covered and properly secured. All trucks must have a tailgate as a covering on the back to keep materials from falling off. Any vehicle deemed in violation of this provision will be subject to a twenty-dollar ($20.00) surcharge.

Other unacceptable waste

  • Certain waste cannot be deposited at the site. Primarily, no trash containing food and/or food preparation waste (i.e., “household waste”), is acceptable.

  • Other unacceptable waste is: dead animals, computer monitors, televisions, food/food containers, large tree trunks/stumps.

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Henry Hicks

Henry Hicks, Sr.

Interim Director



Location: Adjacent to the Public Works Department at
4555 Water Avenue
Selma, AL 36703


Monday – Friday
7:00 am-3:00 pm (Winter)
6:00 am-2:00 pm (Summer)


(334) 375-3338