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Office of the Mayor
222 Broad Street
Selma, AL 36701


8:30 am to 4:30 pm


(334) 876-1201 (Office)





Letter or Proclamation Request from the Mayor

General Guidelines

  • The Office of the Mayor will issue ceremonial documents requested by a person that resides in the City of Selma and surrounding areas.
  • All requests have a 14 business day processing time unless there are unforeseen circumstances such as death.
  • The Office of The Mayor reserves the right to modify or deny any request.
  • The Mayor will not recognize any group whose policies or aims advocate violence, hatred or any other position contrary to the well-being of the citizens of the City of Selma.

Proclamation and Letter Policy

The Office of the Mayor will issue a proclamation or letter at its discretion and will have final approval of the contents.

All requests, must be directed to the Office of the Mayor for approval at least 14 business days prior to the proposed date with the exception of death.

You will be notified whether your request has been approved or denied.


Proclamations and Letters are issued for:

  • Selma residents
  • City of Selma events
  • Community service organizations located in Selma
  • Achievements associated with local schools

Proclamation Criteria

  • Annual or other repeat requests – must be made in writing for each occasion in accordance with these guidelines. Proclamations are not automatically renewed.
  • Proclamations will not be issued for commercial purposes, such as the opening of a new business, a new service, a new product, or a new professional service.
  • Proclamations will not be issued in matters of a political issue, addressing matters of personal conviction, campaigns, or in matters endorsing any particular religion.
  • The Office of the Mayor will not issue backdated proclamations.
  • If frames are requested they must be provided.



  • Requests for proclamations or letters should be made to the Office of the Mayor at least 14 business days prior to the date when needed.
  • To make a request, please send an e-mail with “Request for Proclamation or Request for Letter” in the subject line to


Following Receipt of the Request:

  • The original proclamation or letter will be issued to the individual or organization at no cost.
  • All proclamations or letters must be picked up at the Office of the Mayor unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Any draft language submitted is subject to editing or revisions.
  • All requests for the mayor’s attendance to present the proclamation or letter must be directed to his office at 334-876-1201. All requests are subject to his availability. If not available, the mayor will use his discretion to appoint a designee.

Speaking Engagement Request Form

All forms should be submitted at least 14 business days in advance of the event
The completion of this request does not confirm acceptance

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