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Garbage and Trash

Selma, Alabama Code of Ordinances, Chapter 20:

  • Mandatory public participation. A mandatory residential garbage collection, hauling and disposal service shall be conducted and performed within the city by the city or an independent waste contractor in accordance with the terms of the existing contract with the city.
  • It is mandatory for all residential premises, family units, occupants, or persons, etc., within the corporate limits of the city to which municipal garbage selection services are made available to participate in and subscribe to the city’s garbage system, pursuant to the provisions of this article and pay to the city or its contractor such fees and charges for the same as are established herein. Martin Environmental Services is the designated Garbage Provider


On-Time Payments

Contact Information

Garbage Ordinance

  • Link to the Ordinance
  • 13 March 2022, The Re-Engineered Garbage Ordinance will take effect
    • Major Changes
      • Property Owners will be responsible for the payment of Garbage Bill Martin Environmental Services for their respective occupied properties.
      • Occupants who are not the property owner will no longer be responsible for payments to Martin Environmental Services. The property owner will be responsible.
      • Garbage Exemptions will be honored for the property owner only.
      • Add “Late Fee of $10 per month is assessed to all delinquent accounts

Delinquent Payments

  • Methods: Credit Card, Check, Cash
  • Mail: PO Box 450 Selma, AL 36702
  • Phone: (334) 874-2112 or (334) 874-2113
  • Drop Box Location: 1103 Selma Ave, Selma, AL 36701 (Connected to the Book Drop on the Washington Street side of the library)

Garbage Explanation – Public Service Announcement

The City Council has adopted an Ordinance that transitioned payment responsibility from Non-property owners to property owners.

On March 13, 2022, Martin Environmental Services began sending the Garbage bill for the property to the property owner who is listed for the property.

The property owner will be responsible for paying Liberty Disposal through the following methods:

Phone: (334) 702.4477
Drop Box Location: 212B Highland Ave, Selma, AL 36701

What Now

Property Owner

If You Receive a Bill for an Empty Lot

Property Owner

Provide the following statement in the email

  • Name: Property Owner Name Address: Property Address
  • Statement: The property located at XXXX Selma Ave is an empty lot. Please do not issue a garbage can or bill for this location.-

Bill for Vacant Property

Property Owner

Provide the following statement in the email

  • Name: John X Doe Address: XXXX Selma Ave Selma, Al 36701

Statement: The property located at XXXX Selma Ave is vacant at this time. Please do not issue a garbage can or bill for this location. I understand it is my responsibility to notify LDI once the property is occupied.

Automatic Payments

Non-Property Owner

  • If you have automatic payments for your service – Please contact Martin Environmental Services to stop the payment.

Contact Information

Garbage Exemption

  • You must apply between October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. 

    Step one:  Initial questions

    Criteria to be eligible:

    Must answer “Yes” to all

    1 – Are you the property owner for the property that you are applying for the garbage exemption? 

    2 – Is Social Security your “Sole” source of income?

    3 – Do you currently have Garbage Service at the property that you are applying for the garbage exemption?

    If you answer yes to all, please fill out the application and upload all the supporting documents. 

    Step 2: Fill out the application and add your documents. 

    Application: HERE

    Link to Social Security Award Letter:

    Proof of Property Ownership:

    Step 3: Receive an approval or denial from the Tax and License Department. w

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